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Irregular Ninja Warrior Trampoline Jumping Park

Model No.


Product Dimension



Customized/Colorful Ninja Course With Rainbow Tower Net

Age Available

One of the great things about trampolining is that anyone can do it, from young children to adults and even grandparents. But in order to ensure everyone is safe; we do have age and size limits designed to make sure big people don’t accidentally bump into small people. Minimum jumping age is 2 years old 

Design Ability

Free Design




1) Jumping mat:PP

2) Foam pad: EPE, closed-cell foam that will not absorb water, mildew or lose shape
3) Pad: PVC fabric
4) Pipe: galvanized in 2.5mm thickness
5) Springs: super high-strength galvanized

Activity Zone

Free-Jump Arena;Slam Dunk;Big Bag ;Dodgeball  ;Foam Pit;Climbing Wall;Crossing Beam;High Performance Area;Super Tramp;X-Park Adventure Challenge Course;BOUNCE Tuck-shop.

Main Function

1.Take exercise and stimulate children's curiosity.

2.Suitable for improving children’ energy and imagination.
3.Helping them grow up happily, cleverly and healthily.

4.Suitable for every age period including kids and adults.

Packing Detail

European standard export packing:Bag,plastic film,cotton


We can send professional workers to your place;then your party take charge of there accommodation and fly tickets with visa;for small set,we can send you 3D drawing guidance.

Product Description:

Brand Name








Jumping Mat






Height From Roof


Additional Free Component


Max Bearing Weight


Height from the ground

At least 80CM


Frame 2 years;soft play 1 year


Applicable venue

Preschool, kindergarten,supermarket,amusement park, garden, shopping mall, public,Yard,residential area,and other indoor&outdoor public places(with tent) etc.

Quick Details&Description:
Trampolining is a popular sport in countries abroad. It relieves stress and activates all your muscles in the legs, stomach and core; it is considered serious fitness regimen if followed regularly.Popular so much,like in USA,India,UK,Australia,Finland,Chile,Japan,Germany etc, it has not received its due attention and this place intends to do just that and create an avenue for fun and fitness.We have no limits in adding different play systems to increase the joy of children. After all, we are the most preferred Trampoline Area Manufacturer.
Trampoline parks are commercial playgrounds without age restriction. You can accept customers of 4-77 ages. It is a very exciting equipment for entertainment and sport. Bouncing improves muscles, making your body fit and stronger. It's a great entertainment advised by expert gym teachers, and it has an increasing trend in the world.You will get the most competitive Trampoline Prices at XINRUI Park.
It has spread with color-bordered trampoline squares and rectangles.While most sports activities like football, tennis or swimming require a certain skill set, this is one sport that hardly requires any skill and is physically engaging as well as a lot of fun.
Main Material Introduction Of Jumping Trampoline
The mesh surface is made of PE imported from the United States. It has light fastness, rain resistance, anti-aging, anti-skid and increased pressure, which is extending three times life than the normal. The trampoline mesh is woven with beef tendons. The mesh surface is glued to increase the elasticity. After the anti-rust and degrease, the product is sprayed with powder and sprayed with high-temperature electric porcelain. The anti-rust performance is very strong. The durable steel pipes are all produced with double-sided galvanized pipes.The specifications of the trampoline can be customized according to customer requirements.The steel parts are made of galvanized steel pipe(non-rusted),after sandblasting, re-sand blasting, surface treated with plastic powder by double-layer spraying, solidified at 180 degrees, and resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Selective Project Zone Introduction:
Most Popular Play Zone From Children Feedback
1. Free Jumping Zone
The free jumping zone in trampoline park is an area for bungee jumping without any limit. No matter you're a newbie or a professional, you'll always "jump"  your way out happily.
Mainly for beginners and children, the trampoline area is moderately elastic, and you can master the trampoline essentials through simple study. The professional instructor is responsible for guiding the tourists. It is also a place for visitors to warm up after entering the park. It is universally adaptable.
2. Basketball Slam Dunk Zone
There are multiple basketball racks, which is the dunk area, NBA star in the game on the big Slam dunk, you want to experience it? Trampoline dunk master area, you feel far more than that. The use of trampoline rebound flying from the ball into the basket, easily turned into the air slam dunk master, experience flying freedom and pleasure.
3. Foam Pit Zone
Filling the sponge pool with a sponge block. The player can run and jump on the long trampoline and fly into the sponge pool in various ways to experience the feeling of various "flying people". The protective design of the sponge and the bottom of the pool provides the player with a protective design. Security, you can release yourself.You're safe to jump, or dive or free fall into the pit. Foam Block fight sounds a great idea as well.
4.Spider man Zone-Sticky Wall
Players wear magic clothes and use the elasticity of the trampoline to stick themselves to the magic wall and complete the experience of staying from level to air.This project now is so popular in the trampoline park zone.For this clothes,also can be bought for single use to play.
5.Strop Zone
This project is also called sliding cable, downhill, and trapeze. First used for mountain self-rescue and military raids, after the performance
Into the amusement project. The player holds the pulleys of the steel cables in succession and completes the gliding action by the height difference.

1. Trampoline can prevent diseases. As everyone knows, children's trampoline outdoors, but also in the sunlight, air and water bath, can withstand the external environment changes gradually to stimulate the skin, and respiratory tract mucosa under constant training, enhancing its tolerance,
2.Trampoline can improve children's attention to learning. Every time after participating in sports activities, children's attention will be more concentrated, and academic performance will also increase.
3.Trampoline can increase the height. Trampoline can enhance the function of children's body organs system, so that the child's physique is strong. At the same time, trampoline plays a mechanical stimulus to the skeleton. Therefore, it can accelerate the growth of bones and increase the height of children.

General safety rules
Approved socks must be worn to ensure a good grip.
Watch out for other jumpers to avoid collision.
Appropriate taking care of smaller jumpers.
Only one person on each trampoline at a time.
Safely bounce well in different gestures.
Don’t attempt any activity beyond your skill level.
No double bouncing, wrestling or rough play.
No food or drink on the trampolines.
Don’t jump or land on padding.
No jumping when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

1.Please let your child wash hands and disinfect before entrance
2.Please make sure that all the kids play with adult supervision
3.Blunt objects and acid corrosive liquor are forbidden
4.Knee-pad equipment is necessary for some naughty boys
5.Please accord to the guidance of park to play in free and happy time

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